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Improved Inflammatory Bowel Disease Treatment by Reducing Unsafe Corticosteroid Use

Summary of the impact

The University of Liverpool (UoL) research identified corticosteroid treatment for more than 3 consecutive months as a risk for serious sepsis in Crohn's disease and an indicator of poor practice; there are 115,000 Crohn's disease patients in the UK. Following this, national audits of Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD), also under UoL leadership, showed reduction in inappropriate long term steroid from 46% of Crohn's disease patients in 2006 to 21% in 2010. These audits led to widespread adoption of National Service Standards for the Care of Patients with IBD. Death and hospital readmission rates for IBD patients were subsequently significantly reduced.

Submitting Institutions

University of Liverpool,Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine

Unit of Assessment

Clinical Medicine

Summary Impact Type


Research Subject Area(s)

Medical and Health Sciences: Cardiorespiratory Medicine and Haematology, Clinical Sciences

Global sales of tomographic instruments benefiting process industries

Summary of the impact

Research into industrial process tomography has been performed at the University of Leeds from 1999 to the present day with much of this being in collaboration with Industrial Tomography Systems plc (ITS). This research, together with the associated intellectual property, has provided the foundation of 5 innovative new products developed and produced by ITS during the eligible period. These new products have generated sales of £5m and are in large part responsible for increases in turnover and employment of approximately 60%, and exports of 67% since 2008. These instruments are used in a significant number of new applications and are generating major benefits to end users in the oil and gas, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, consumer products, minerals and food sectors.

Submitting Institution

University of Leeds

Unit of Assessment

General Engineering

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Research Subject Area(s)

Physical Sciences: Other Physical Sciences
Information and Computing Sciences: Artificial Intelligence and Image Processing
Engineering: Interdisciplinary Engineering

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