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2. Improving decision-making about treatment for people in vegetative and minimally conscious states

Summary of the impact

This research stimulated debate about the treatment of people in vegetative and minimally conscious states, created new cultural representations and informed interventions to enhance decision-making processes. Professor Jenny Kitzinger [JK], the lead researcher, was invited onto the Royal College of Physicians' Working Party revising the College's treatment and communication guidelines. The research generated intense engagement from key stakeholders (e.g. medical and policy experts), prompted changes in thinking among clinicians and informed new training and support materials for both clinicians and families. The findings also enriched public discussion about this highly contentious area of medicine and ethics e.g. through a series of media/cultural interventions and through community engagement events which had a documented impact on participants' knowledge and feelings.

Submitting Institution

Cardiff University

Unit of Assessment

Communication, Cultural and Media Studies, Library and Information Management 

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Research Subject Area(s)

Mathematical Sciences: Statistics
Medical and Health Sciences: Public Health and Health Services

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