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Improving number learning in preschool children through delivery of the “PLUS” learning scheme

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Research at Kingston University led to the development of a preschool number learning scheme ("PLUS") which uses short matching and estimation games to improve the number abilities of preschool children. The programme was first delivered by trained postgraduate students to 60 children at five regional nursery schools. An evaluation study confirmed the efficacy of the programme in enhancing the children's numerical (and other) skills. Next, Dr Van Herwegen trained staff members in these five preschools and five others to deliver PLUS on a daily basis, to reach over 500 pre-schoolers across the region. This resulted in a change to institutional practices within these preschools.

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Kingston University

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Psychology, Psychiatry and Neuroscience

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Medical and Health Sciences: Public Health and Health Services
Psychology and Cognitive Sciences: Psychology

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