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Keeping transport systems running in winter; the contribution of Route-Based Weather Forecasting

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Route-based weather forecasting is being increasingly adopted by local authorities and other organisations to help achieve more efficient and effective operational delivery of their winter resilience measures. This approach takes advantage of GPS and GIS technologies to provide weather forecasting information for particular routes, rather than relying on forecasts for a wider area. Transport agencies have adopted products based on this approach over the last five years to improve their decision making and achieve cost savings. These benefits are passed on to the public who receive a more efficient service without compromising their safety. Research by Chapman and Thornes identified the original concept used in these products, leading to a patent and spin-out company. Subsequently, the ideas were taken up by major companies in the weather forecasting industry who have marketed a series of products based on this innovative approach.

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University of Birmingham

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Geography, Environmental Studies and Archaeology

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Mathematical Sciences: Statistics
Earth Sciences: Atmospheric Sciences
Medical and Health Sciences: Public Health and Health Services

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