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Albachem: Commercialisation of the chemical synthesis of biologically active human proteins

Summary of the impact

Impact: EaStCHEM spin out Albachem (1994), subsequently incorporated into the Almac group, enabling the latter company to become a world leader in the provision of chemically synthesised proteins.

Significance: Chemical synthesis is competitive with recombinant methods for commercial production of the therapeutic polypeptides that represent ~50% of drugs in big pharma pipelines and have a market value in 2008 of over $13B. The value attributable to Ramage's methods for polypeptide syntheses over the REF period is estimated at approximately £6M.

Beneficiaries: Drug manufacturers, contract research organisations, patients, clinicians.

Research: Studies (1993-6) led by Ramage (at the University of Edinburgh) on new methods for high-yield total syntheses and purification of long polypeptides.

Reach: Almac's protein-manufacturing team remains in the UK with 24 staff members. The Almac Group, headquartered in N. Ireland, has 3300 employees globally (1300 outside UK) and sells to 600 companies worldwide.

Submitting Institutions

University of St Andrews,University of Edinburgh

Unit of Assessment


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Research Subject Area(s)

Chemical Sciences: Organic Chemistry
Biological Sciences: Biochemistry and Cell Biology, Microbiology

Shared Spaces and Names of Places: The Northern Ireland Place-Name Project (NIPNP)

Summary of the impact

The Northern Ireland Place-Name Project was designed to have a range of public impacts since its inception and this case study focuses especially on the following three overlapping impacts: 1) It has enriched cultural life by recording, preserving and publishing free online the corpus of local place-names, and 2) has enhanced public understanding of aspects of language and history as preserved in these names. In particular, 3) it has impacted on civil society by creating space in which linguistic and cultural diversity can be encountered in an inclusive manner, and by illuminating the depth of connection between place and people across the range of historically diverse ethnic groups.

Submitting Institution

Queen's University Belfast

Unit of Assessment

Modern Languages and Linguistics

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Research Subject Area(s)

Studies In Human Society: Other Studies In Human Society
Language, Communication and Culture: Cultural Studies
History and Archaeology: Historical Studies

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