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2: Modelling extreme waves and their loads on offshore structures

Summary of the impact

The impact arises from the study of extreme ocean waves and their interaction with marine structures. It is relevant to the offshore, shipping, coastal and marine renewables industries and has been both economic and regulatory, involving:

(a) The establishment of revised guidelines for the design of new structures / vessels.

(b) Enhancing best practice, both from an economic and a safety perspective.

(c) Reducing the uncertainty in critical design issues, thereby improving overall reliability.

(d) Enabling "end-of-life" extensions for existing structures.

(e) Facilitating the effective decommissioning of redundant structures.

(f) Contributing to the development of new industrial R&D equipment, thereby assisting specialist UK manufacturers to secure international orders.

Submitting Institution

Imperial College London

Unit of Assessment

Civil and Construction Engineering

Summary Impact Type


Research Subject Area(s)

Mathematical Sciences: Statistics
Earth Sciences: Oceanography
Engineering: Maritime Engineering

The Cultural and Economic Benefits of Creative Writing Research

Summary of the impact

Gunn is a writer of fiction, with works published by commercial literary presses and substantial sales to a general readership. The research constitutes an experiment with artistic form, reworking modernist techniques and themes, such as bricolage, the imitation of musical form and the feminist revaluation of domestic experiences and objects. The underlying research question is: how can the technical resources and cultural preoccupations of modernist literary experiment be deployed to engage and inform a 21st-century reading public?

Gunn's research is communicated to the public through book sales, interviews, readings, and articles in the broadcast and print media, and through the Dundee Literary Festival. These activities enhance public understanding of the creative process for the wider community, providing cultural enrichment and economic benefit at the level of the local, national and international.

Submitting Institution

University of Dundee

Unit of Assessment

English Language and Literature

Summary Impact Type


Research Subject Area(s)

Language, Communication and Culture: Cultural Studies, Literary Studies
History and Archaeology: Historical Studies

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