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Revolutionising schools and public engagement with cosmology, relativity and gravitational-wave astronomy

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University of Glasgow researchers have played a pivotal role in enhancing awareness and understanding of cosmology, relativity and gravitational-wave astronomy on the national and international stage.

  • The 'Astronomy's New Messengers' public exhibition on gravitational-wave astronomy has been displayed at international events that have attracted a total audience exceeding a million people. A survey conducted at the World Science Festival 2010 indicated that 89% of visitors found the exhibition had increased their interest in science.
  • The University of Glasgow has had a crucial influence on the redesign of the Scottish Higher and Advanced Higher Physics syllabus to include significant content on cosmology, relativity and gravitational astrophysics. In 2012 the revised Higher Physics pass rate was approximately 4% greater than that for the non-revised Higher, demonstrating significant impact in terms of pupil engagement and results.

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University of Glasgow

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Physical Sciences: Astronomical and Space Sciences, Atomic, Molecular, Nuclear, Particle and Plasma Physics, Other Physical Sciences

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