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Enhancing civil and public understanding of environmental noise propagation

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Research carried out in UCL's Department of Mathematics addresses the accurate coupling of acoustic source fields to noise propagation models, for the determination of far-field environmental noise exposure. The work has increased understanding of issues related to noise propagation from infrastructure including roads and wind turbines, in the UK and internationally. For example, it has led to changes in thinking about freeway noise mitigation strategies at Arizona Department of Transportation (ADOT), discussion of concerns about the UK's assessment of noise propagation from wind turbines by the Institute of Acoustics, and improved understanding of sound-related issues associated with a gas compressor station in the southwestern US that are of interest to local Indian tribes. The research also stimulated interest and discourse by groups and individuals including the Acoustic Ecology Institute in the US, a community group in Germany, Washington State Department of Transportation, the US Federal Aviation Administration, and an artist based in Berlin.

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University College London

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Mathematical Sciences

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Physical Sciences: Classical Physics
Engineering: Mechanical Engineering, Interdisciplinary Engineering

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